OBSIDIAN SHARD work with the owners and directors of small and medium sized businesses, to improve the performance and profitability of their organisation.
Through evaluating and understanding the most pressing needs of the client in partnership, we develop a robust action plan, to address the immediate concerns and the causes of those concerns.  We address the problem solving process by building support, encouraging momentum to action improvements and filling the 'skill gaps' within the client's business in order to maximise the return on their investment.
OBSIDIAN SHARD is able to draw upon experience gained through working at Board level with strong emphasis on finance and general management.

The roles undertaken by OBSIDIAN SHARD include:
Outsourcing Administration
Part-Time Finance Director (FD)
Non Executive Director

The Roles Explained:
Outsourcing Administration: We are able to undertake either parts of a companies financial administration (for instance payroll) or the complete finance department function, and can include
Management accounts
KPI reporting
Payroll preparation
Sales ledger and Credit Control
Purchase ledger and cheque runs
Bank and cash reconciliation

Part Time P/T Finance Director: The part time finance director role will not necessarily entail an OBSIDIAN SHARD representative being appointed to the Board.  Usually the position will require working a set number of days per month and work with the business owner in the planning, accounting and financial management of the organisation. The role may be fixed or project based depending upon circumstances and the part-time FD will not normally be an employee of the client.
Mentor: As Mentor, OBSIDIAN SHARD will improve the confidence, self esteem and motivation of the business owner, offering support as required to meet the challenges of the organisation, broaden the owner's horizons and raise aspirations.
Non Executive Director: As the title implies the role will be that of business Director in a Non-Executive capacity.  There will be a concentration on the future direction of the business, its growth and financial stability.
Consultant: The business owner may need expert help and advice in specific areas of the business such as, quality management systems, leadership, business development, business turnaround, business start-up, business acquisition or business exit.  OBSIDIAN SHARD will work with the business owner to develop robust solutions and add value to the business.
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